How Hot is Hot? Changing Food Preferences with Mixed-Race Relationships

Take a stroll down the foot-heavy parts of major cities and you’ll find a common denominator. Every metropolis has a booming restaurant scene. Intense flavours banging out of fast kitchens with throngs of eager foodies lining down the block for the first taste. If you take a closer look at this trend, it’s not the food that’s interesting as you can find a Lebanese burrito or a Japanese Burger pretty much anywhere in the world these days. It’s the people.

We’ve all heard of the term ‘melting pot’ before and it’s evident that the world is becoming one gigantic braised stew of ethnicities.

It used to be that some major cities were coined with this term, but as population rises and travel becomes easier, many smaller towns across the globe are now seeing pockets of cultures mingling with the locals. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Especially when you stop to think about the food. Rewind to the days of Velcro trainers and tye dye t-shirts of the 90’s and you’ll remember ‘fusion’ food being a fad. Take a look at today and you’ll see that combining ingredients and techniques from various cuisines has become the familiar face of dining.

There’s a high probability that you’ll find soy sauce in the pantry of a Mexican restaurant. But, what exactly is happening? Are Restauranteurs ditching old ideas for new flavours? It turns out that love may be the answer. With as many new restaurants popping up in your city, chances are Millenials are the ones driving culinary change. Their progressive mentalities not only trickle down through food, but also right down to relationships. Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, African, and the list goes on. This generation of diners are expanding their tastes for noodles and for love.

What once was a boring salad of greens will now come refreshed with a handful of omega 3-rich seeds, roasted Peruvian potatoes, French radishes, Slivers of Spanish cheese, and lightly topped with Thai chillies just to make you sweat. Ok, you won’t find many places popping out an eclectic mix, but you’ll still see vast menus with such cultural appropriations, and it’s no longer a fad or a trend. It’s becoming the norm. Not only is our food intertwining, but so too are the guests that enjoy it. As the world heats up its culinary profile so do our bed sheets.

Yes, you’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite old pizza with mounds of melted cheese, but don’t be surprised to find another pie on the menu with Argentinian chimmichurri and Szechuan peppercorn.